1. What is the importance of light?

Alongside a continuous supply of oxygen, water and nutrients, light is one of the pre-requisites for life and ultimately our health. The human organism contains so-called chromophores or molecules that absorb the energy of light. This enables several processes, including homeostasis or “cellular balance in our organism” which is in many cases important for regenerations and restoration of health.

2. What is photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation refers to the process of influencing cellular processes by using light energy that is emitted by LEDs. In most cases only precisely defined light regimes are used. The red and near infra-red LEDs emit light waves of the visible and electromagnetic spectrum with longer wavelengths (i.e. at wavelengths of 600 – 1000 nm). This spectral region appears to be the most efficient and considering the limitations of light regimes, it has no harmful side effects. The technical term for the light in this spectral region is “PHOTOTHERAPEUTIC WINDOW”. The light in this phototherapeutic window is absorbed by our tissues and cells which ultimately triggers a response of the tissue. It also exerts a systemic influence on the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Moreover, red and NIR lights effectively contribute to achieving “a healthy balance” (homeostasis) of the life processes in our organism.

3. How can photobiomodulation contribute to better rehabilitation?

Photobiomodulation is able to significantly accelerate the regenerative processes and recovery of our bodies. However, the ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 medical light therapy device cannot replace a healthy lifestyle and professional medical care (diagnosis and therapy) of injuries or illnesses, although it can often be effectively used as an additional treatment (after consulting with your attending physician). Light stimulation can influence the regenerative processes and contribute to regeneration of damaged muscle, connective, cartilaginous and bone tissue.

4. What is the importante of light frequency modulation?

The ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 medical light therapy device uses seven empirically determined Nogier frequencies to facilitate tissue rehabilitation. By stimulating meridians and acupoints, these frequencies can contribute to establishing a healthy energetic balance based on the principles of acupressure and acunpuncture (Chinese medicine). Other combinations of these so-called Nogier frequencies are often able to increase the desired analgesic and regenerative effect. The VOLL frequency of 2.45 Hz is especially effective for treating acute, subacute and chronic conditions. Light with wavelengths of 610–670 nm as well as 830–870 nm can be used to alleviate musculoskeletal pain, such as musculoskeletal injuries and tendon or ligament injuries.

5. What results can be achieved by using frequency modulated light stimulation in spa and rehabilitation facilities?

Modern light therapy devices such as the ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 medical light therapy device for performing photobiomodulation are frequency modulated for the described applications. This means that in addition to treating patients with the described seven basic frequencies, the physician can also choose one of the preset programs that automatically combine different (preset) frequencies with recommended time intervals. These frequencies change automatically – depending on the program – and are perfectly adjusted to the type of injury which the program was developed for. After an individual program is completed, the device turns off automatically. The programs can contribute to skin renewal, regeneration of body and mind after strenuous physical and mental activities as well as relaxation in case of mental and physical fatigue.

6. In what way does light help us achieve a healthy, beautiful and youthful complexion?

The light emitted by ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 medical light therapy device can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue where it can increase the microcirculation in blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries which is highly beneficial for the appearance of our skin. Among other things, it enables the removal of accumulated liquid and so-called "poisons and toxins." Irradiation with the light stimulator may also represent an effective part of anti-cellulite treatments, as an anti-cellulite massage or lymphatic drainage may be replaced by light therapy which prepares the skin for better absorption of active ingredients against cellulite. This ability of light energy to reach deeper lying tissue can be effectively used for muscle relaxation. The use of light stimuli can boost the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, which in turn helps improve skin firmness and elasticity. The result of influencing neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, enkephalins and so-called anti-stress hormones, is a rested, glowing and youthful appearance of your skin, while the antioxidative effect protects your cells from free radicals.

7. How can professional and recreational athletes benefit from photobiomodulation?

In the field of recreational and professional sport, the light emitted by ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 can result in an increased regeneration and relaxation. This improved regenerative capacity after training sessions or competitions is achieved by enhancing blood flow and energy supply of muscles which results in an effectively improved performance. If the muscles are optimally prepared for the strain, their durability and functionality increases. Light therapy can also lead to increased flexibility and mobility of joints. In combination with optimally prepared muscles, this reduces the probability of injuries. After strenuous physical activities photobiomodulation can effectively accelerate the time needed for regeneration and relaxation.

8. Why does the device use only light from the red and NIR regions of the electromagnetic and visible spectrum? Why can't we use natural sunlight?

The light emitted by ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 is in the red light region of the spectrum. The main reason for using this particular light energy is the fact that red blood pigment or hemoglobin does not absorb it so it can penetrate deep into the tissue without disturbing the processes in our bodies. In addition to being highly efficient, the light energy from this exact region of the spectrum can also reach optimal tissue depth without harmful side effects.

9. Why do some LEDs never light up?

The ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 medical light therapy device has different programs and during each program all (!) LEDs emit light but the human eye simply cannot perceive the light from the NIR diode. We are not able to see the entire light energy that is emitted during the use of the light stimulator, therefore it is extremely important not to look directly at the diodes while the device is activated.