ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 contributes to:
- rapid pain reduction
- better wound healing
- stimulation of skin renewal
- performance increase
- increased quality of life
ORTHOLUMM ML5/1 is a medical light therapy device intended for professionals that deal with treating medical conditions and improving the performance and health of their patients as part of their medical and therapeutic activity. The device may only be used after appropriate instruction provided by your local contact person either on site or at our education center.
Our light therapy device is intended solely for medical doctors specialized and active in all areas of medicine that are qualified to apply physical as well as therapeutic modalities.
Recommended use of ORTHOLUMM ML 5/1:

- analgesia (pain relief)
- prevention
- rehabilitation
- so-called biostimulation
- so-called immonumodulatory effects
- inhibition of skin aging (e.g. wrinkling) and improvement of skin renewal, photo-lifting treatments
- treatment of elderly and in geriatrics (prevention of polypharmacy)
- treatment of athletes before and after training sessions and competitions (muscle regeneration and relaxation)
The Ortholumm ML5/1 light therapy device uses cold red light and near infrared light (NIR), offers a choice of 5 different therapy levels and can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions.
Ortholumm ML 5/1 is very easy to use. Depending on the indications, the therapist chooses one of the 5 therapy programs. Duration of the therapy can be individually adjusted. When the application is finished, the device switches off automatically.

“Light is an efficacious physical stimulus that can be used effectively for regeneration and healing purposes. I am successfully using physical light stimuli to improve regeneration and to alleviate pain.”

Source: R. Crevenna; Lichtreize zur Unterstützung von Heilungs- und Regenerationsprozessen; Sport- &Präventiv-Medizin; 42. Jahrgang, Heft 1, 2012; S 20-21
- easy to use
- noticeable time savings
- high clinical efficiency
- rapid onset of effects
- satisfied patients
- no known side effects*

*when used properly and in compliance with safety precautions. Please read the user manual.